So we decided to hand craft our own cards, using custom stamps and ink on the back of old postcards. 100% recycled and cost (nearly) zero! Here's how:

First we cut rectangular shapes out of the postcards, using scissors and by hand for an irregular look. Postcards with a rough finish on the back work best for the techniques we are going to use next.
We tried this watery ink tutorial from Pinterest with our fluorescent green ink, which gave the cards a cool and refreshing look. After they dried, we stamped on the ReFresh logo and website, trying different combinations and BANG! DONE. I love how it looks on the other side too, all random image bits from the original postcards. Now we have one of a kind business cards we will be proud of handing everywhere!

cut postcards - about to be refreshed recycled postcards into business cards

Doodle No.30Doodle No.39Doodle No.33Doodle No.18Doodle No.41Doodle No.27Doodle No.36Doodle No.22Doodle No.1Doodle No.1Doodle No.3Doodle No.17Doodle No.36Doodle No.41Doodle No.9Doodle No.34Doodle No.17Doodle No.40Doodle No.29Doodle No.1Doodle No.5Doodle No.37Doodle No.5Doodle No.36Doodle No.4Doodle No.2Doodle No.11Doodle No.33Doodle No.7Doodle No.12Doodle No.39Doodle No.16Doodle No.15Doodle No.16Doodle No.42Doodle No.20Doodle No.26Doodle No.5Doodle No.7Doodle No.1Doodle No.11Doodle No.16Doodle No.11Doodle No.16
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